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Taking screenshots has never been easier

Quickshot is a python application designed to make it easy for all users to capture translated screenshots using an intuitive and semi-automated step-by-step process. Its principal use is with the Ubuntu Manual Project but it will also support configuration and customization for other projects in the near future.

It is written in Python and uses Glade for the user interface.


Get Quickshot

If you are not using Ubuntu Xenial Xerus (10.04), the easiest, and recommended way to use Quickshot is to download the Quickshot Live CD and boot into that to take screenshots.

Please note: This Live CD is a stripped down version of Ubuntu 10.04 and therefore will not be suitable for anything other than a temporary platform to take screenshots.

Download Quickshot

Already using Ubuntu 10.04? Add our PPA by running these commands in a terminal:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quickshotdevs/quickshot-release
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install quickshot

Using Quickshot

  1. Open Quickshot (Applications → Accessories → Quickshot)
  2. Create a Quickshot user and login
  3. Let Quickshot set your screen resolution
  4. Download the list of screenshots
  5. Choose a screenshot
  6. Set your desktop up
  7. Capture, Compare and Upload.

Found a bug?

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Need more help? See detailed instructions here.